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Your trusted provider of quality
psychiatric and psychological
expert medico-legal reports

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Your trusted provider of quality psychiatric and psychological expert medico-legal reports

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Medico Legal UK

UK’s fastest emerging provider of psychiatric and psychological reports in London, Manchester, the North West & the Midlands. Our expert team of highly qualified consultant psychiatrists is established with comprehensive medicolegal report-writing experience. Our turnaround time normally propagates between 2-6 weeks and we are also providing reports quicker if necessary. Choosing MedicoLegal-Report UK ensures that these complications will not happen for you. We produce experienced Clinicians who have successful track records of producing high quality and accurate medico-legal reports.

Providing medico-legal reports for asylum seekers in the UK

When seeking asylum very few understand the pain, anguish, and horrors that you had to endure. You may be suffering from depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress syndrome. It is important when dealing with these kinds of cases to have a psychiatric assessment to help you put forth a strong case to help ensure that you are granted asylum.

Reports for medical claims

Unfortunately in life injuries happen, whether it be by accident, negligence, or malice. These injuries can take a serious psychological toll on you especially when someone else is responsible for the pain you are suffering. A medico-legal report from a psychologist can help support your claim and help you get the proper level of compensation that you deserve.

Whatever case you may be working on

Whether it be criminal defence, family law or your client needs a medical capacity assessment it very important that they receive a psychological assessment. You have their best interests in mind and a quality medico-legal report will help you achieve the goal of making sure that they are treated fairly and without bias.

We provide psychiatric and psychological reports for the following areas


Family Law



Mental Capacity Assessments



Employment Law



Forensic and Criminal Law



Personal Injury



Asylum and Immigration



Legal Aid Funding



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


We also provide express reports service on request, for urgent cases or reports demanding speedy turnaround times.

Why Choose MedicoLegal Report UK?

Medico-legal reports can be an essential piece of evidence for a case. Poorly prepared reports lead to:

 Undervaluation of total damages Time wasted seeking correct interpretation of report  Weakening of overall case


We Provide treatment recommendations

 Conduct psychiatric risk assessments  Offer psychiatric assessments for different issues  Initiate forensic psychiatric assessments  Advise on the appropriateness of medical treatment  Advise on an individual’s diagnosis

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Report

We provide some of most experienced group of psychiatric report writers in the UK, producing over 10,000 reports prepared amassed over the last 10 years by our experts.

Locations Covered

Our tribunal covers the most of the North and the Midlands, including cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham and extends all over the United Kingdom.

Join Our Panel

We are currently accepting new medico legal experts with comprehensive report writing experience. We take pride in giving utmost value of quality, efficiency, and reliability.


Medico Legal UK were great and quickly found us an expert witness psychiatrist for my partners case and delivered a report within just a few days of coming to see the doctor. I was very impressed by their service.

– Jean R., Croydon


We have been using Medico Legal UK since 2014 for a variety of medico-legal cases covering immigration, personal injury, family and criminal law. They have always offered an efficient, competitive and highly professional service for our solicitors and clients. .

– KLR Solicitors, Sidcup


MLUK have recently assisted our firm in a number of legal aid funded cases. We are grateful for the speedy and cost effective service they have provided in these cases.

– Solomon’s Solicitors, Bournmouth


Medico Legal UK found us an expert witness of good repute and at short notice for a legal aid funded client we were representing last year.

– Irwin Mitchell, Manchester