Employment Law

Employment Psychiatric Reports

We prepare comprehensive occupational mental health service here at MedicoLegal-Report. Our expert team of clinicians is experienced in producing psychiatric reports and standing as expert witnesses.

The members of our team of occupational health psychologists and psychiatrists are experienced in providing recommendations for all elements of occupational health, secure the long term health of employees.

The Psychiatric assessments we provide covers a broad range of issues such as the following:

  • Equality Act
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Fitness to work reports
  • Return to work reports
  • Sexual Harassment reports
  • Work related stress reports
  • Early retirement assessment
  • Neuropsychiatric Assessments
  • Bullying reports in the workplace
  • Employment Tribunals Psychiatric Reports
  • Psychiatric assessment for learning disabilities
  • Psychiatric assessments following a workplace accident
  • Mental Health assessment for employees on long term sick leave
  • Psychiatric assessments of high risk or high-pressure jobs screening

Mental health conditions have been found to be present in almost 90% of the overall occupational health concerns. There are some instances where certain situations can escalate to court level and that is where our medicolegal services can be greatly valuable. Our nationwide team of Psychiatrists and Psychologists are competent in performing assessments for different issues. We also compose comprehensive medico-legal court reports and standing as expert witnesses in court.

Why Chose MedicoLegal Report?

Here at MedicoLegal Report, we offer more than just providing written comprehensive medico-legal reports. We also offer complete occupational mental health service with our expert occupational health team ready to help organisations to manage any factor of mental health issues in the workplace. We also provide a joined up service for organisations, reducing the amount of time wasted and inconvenience for you in securing the future health of your organisation employees.

We offer specified medicolegal services, to match your budget, with the purpose of finding the best probable solution for all involved.