Employment Tribunals Service

Preparing an Employment Tribunal Case

If you’re preparing your own case you should set up a file and keep everything in date order. When preparing for an employment tribunal case, we can help you in preparing what you need the tribunal to know. We compose a report accurately stating what has taken place during the incident.

The paperwork you need to put together is also important. We advise our clients to prepare the following:

  • your witness statement
  • anything else that concerns your employment
  • anything you’ve written down about what’s happened
  • your existing contract, if there is one, and any other legal documents related to employment such as pay slips or salary detail
  • letters and memos, emails and mobile phone texts from your employer
  • for claims for loss of earnings we also require our clients to present tribunal evidence that there is an existing job application for others.

Our experts also work with solicitors and claimants on Employment Tribunal cases initiating psychiatric and psychological evaluation report required by the courts.

We offer this service nationwide in the UK and with our resident experts in all related disciplines.