Medico Legal Assessments

For Establishing Expert Witness Testimony

Forensic assessment

A forensic assessment may be compulsory for individuals charged with a crime to establish if the accused has the legal capacity to stand trial. Once a person diagnosed with a mental illness is convicted of an offence, a comprehensive forensic report may be recommended to appeal the Court’s sentencing decision, since a person having a mental illness when the offence was committed may be an alleviating factor for. A forensic assessment may also be taken in the form of a risk assessment, to report about the relationship of the person’s mental illness and the risk of further offences.

Medico-legal assessment

A medico-legal psychiatric and psychological assessment is needed when a psychiatric report is to be utilised as an evidence in civil litigation; in relation to compensation for work-related stress or after a traumatic event such as an accident. The psychological and psychiatric assessment may be recommended in order to form a link between the damage and the victim’s psychological condition and/or to resolve the extent of psychological harm and the extent of compensation to be awarded to the victim.

Our medico-legal psychiatric assessments are also used for the purpose of child safety and child custody services. A child psychiatric assessment can also provide information on the psychological impact of abuse or neglect on a child. In addition, a child psychiatrist can follow through an assessment for parenting capacity, giving greater consideration to the mental state of both the child and the parents as this may be useful for the child protective services to decide as to whether a child should be put in an alternative custody program (such as a foster home).

Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment

In a like manner, clinical psychologists and neuropsychologist specialist can also compose expert witness reports and testimony in appropriate cases, which is typically for forensic concerns and brain injury.

Criminal Law

As for criminal proceedings, our medicolegal reports have been procured by the defence, the prosecution, and by the criminal court. We have also arranged reports for defendants, complainants, and for sentenced prisoners in relation to pardon or release on consent.

Preliminary and pre-trial concerns we handle may include:

  • fitness to be interviewed
  • bail
  • fitness to plead and/or fitness to stand trial
  • constitution of the vulnerability of defendants

Trial subjects may include matters of;

  • reduced responsibility
  • automatism
  • insanity
  • loss of control
  • constraint and coercion

The MedicoLegal UK team of experts prepare hundreds of reports every year, specialising in civil and criminal cases. All our experts have extensive court experience and the required training for court presentation.

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